Our Story

Uniquely Focussed

Manage Meant was established in 2005 by Darren Gardner. He saw a gap in the market for a company which could provide first class building management services coupled with fiscal responsibility.

Prior to 2005 Darren’s achievements in operations management with both Westfield and Mirvac Hotels were impressive. With his practical capabilities as a trained plumber and the passion for authentic service, Darren was renowned for his ability to deliver results for customers.

Darren believed this same approach could be applied to building management. Manage Meant was born to make a difference for Owners Corporations, by being their authentic and capable guardians and advocates. It was clear that whenever building managers didn’t understand and get involved in the heart of the buildings, the Owners Corporations were often taken advantage of by their subcontractors. Time and again, Darren heard of poor service and areas where cost-savings could be made for Strata Owners, both easily and efficiently.

Manage Meant began with 5 properties under its care. Since then we have looked after building management for over 3000 apartments, representing billions of dollars worth of Sydney’s finest property assets. Our proven track record and reputation has propelled our expansion.

Much more than caretakers, we pride ourselves on raising the art of facility and property management to new levels of excellence. Our greatest pride is the mutual and trusting relationships we have built with our residents and our Strata Committees.

Our Corporate Structure

Manage Meant’s building and concierge managers work together as a team devising the best possible results for our residents. Darren Gardner, Director, is also a hands-on Building Manager who actively supports the team on a daily basis.

Manage Meant has no financial interests in any other industry, nor are we part of a larger conglomerate. As specialist advocates for the Owners Corporations, we serve solely in their best interests. We put our clients interests at the core of all our business decisions.

Company headquarters are located at Walsh Bay. Residents are free to drop in whenever they choose. The headquarters provide support services for all our teams at other sites across Sydney.

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Business Timeline

For 19 years Manage Meant has intentionally no financial interests in any other service providers such as cleaning, strata management or any other building work contractors. Our independence is key to being able to source and manage Sydney’s most competitive and successful providers.

Manage Meant’s supports 54 dedicated team members to deliver to 70 sites across Sydney.

Manage Meant takes its leadership team to Queenstown working on MM’s strategic planning. 2020 Manage Meant introduces a proactive recruitment drive to attract more women to choose a career in building management 2021 Manage Meant reaches 40 dedicated employees supporting the smooth support of our communities through the COVID pandemic.

Manage Meant is entrusted to support one of Sydney’s iconic landmark sites, a community including 1450 apartments.

Manage Meant sites and building managers used as examples by Sydney City Council – how to manage well (promoting Green buildings and dealing with challenges of apartment overcrowding).

Manage Meant’s reputation leads to further growth. Responsible now for 59 Sydney sites.

Annie Gardner sells her profitable business to join Manage Meant full time as Business and Culture manager

Manage Meant grows through word of mouth from 5 to 22 sites in 5 years

Manage Meant coordinates early energy saving upgrades on our sites

Darren Gardner establishes Manage Meant looking after 5 buildings at Walsh Bay