Precinct Management

Building Communities

Manage Meant has extensive and proven experience managing precincts. For example, our company manages the Walsh Bay precinct that has been redeveloped as a community consisting of various strata plans and individual lots.

Our specialized precinct management services include:

  • Actively monitoring and ensuring the cleaning standard of the Precinct
  • Liaising and negotiating with key stakeholders including council, owners and the state government
  • WH&S inductions – relevant contractor insurances and activities register
  • Promotion and lobbying on behalf of the precinct
  • Coordinating permits for commercial activity on precinct property
  • Monitoring and reporting on development affecting the precinct
  • Monitoring and management of council contractors in relation to park and street maintenance.
  • Representing the Strata Committee at various community meetings
  • Constantly looking for ways to improve the precinct and build its profile

The Walsh Bay precinct is a prime example of a successful high profile public domain that can cater for the various needs of residents, business owners and visitors.

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